About the School

Ogden Prep, or OPA, is the first charter school based in Ogden, Utah. It was built with the idea that children should have an affordable quality education in a safe, nurturing environment. A charter school allows parents a choice in free public education for their child.

Ogden Prep offers a public school education but with private school quality. That includes uniforms, discipline, 25-child class sizes, and employee accountability (with the power to hire and fire as necessary). Parents are expected to volunteer and be active in the school, which has shown to be a major benefit to a child's interest in school and willingness to learn. An emphasis is placed on mastery of reading and math skills, with expectations for students held high.

OPA, through a bilingual education, exposes all students in grades K-9 to Spanish as a second language. One of the goals of the school is to produce learners who are biliterate in both these languages. All curriculum course offerings are aligned with the Utah State Core Curriculum and UPASS tests. The curriculum addresses the needs of each language group including: primary language development, second language acquisition, development of cognitive language and literacy skills, and the development of cross-cultural understanding.